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Automate your pallet transport the easy way

Automating your company’s in-house transports does not have to be difficult, costly, or time-consuming – we have made it simple!

Regardless of the size and type of your business, you now have the option to automate simple pallet transports from point to point with the flexible and innovative autonomous forklift, Global AGV – a standard product with short delivery time and payback period that is ready for installation in your existing environment in less than one week.


6 benefits you do not want to miss

  • Scalable Solution: no minimum quantities, one is enough and add more anytime!
  • 60% average savings on simple pallet transports
  • Quick installation without complex project management requirements
  • A product you can rely on: no need to babysit your automated solution
  • Increased efficiency by working 24/7-365
  • Local support: if you want a turnkey installation, we can put you in touch with a local certified integrator.

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