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Roadmap for future:

Automated guided vehicle for innovative companies


Five immediate benefits

  • Increased productivity
  • 24/7 all year
  • Improved working environment
  • Integration in the existing environment
  • Quick and easy installation

Increased productivity – and short payback times

Automating your company’s in-house transport by means of an automated guided vehicle from Global AGV you can reduce the amount of manual processes, improve the working environment and increase your company’s productivity. An AGV contributes to reducing your costs as it runs with low energy consumption. Therefore, you will achieve substantial labour cost savings if you use an automated guided vehicle, which can run 24 hours a day.

And with a payback time as short as one year as well as attractive total cost of ownership (TCO), your company’s bottom line will improve significantly.

Quick and easy installation in existing enviroments

The AGV technology is easy to integrate into existing operations and you don’t need to change the company's current layout.

The driverless truck navigates with a laser system following predetermined driving routes and emits laser beams that are reflected by the surroundings and received again, allowing the AGV to constantly maneuver around any obstacles.

Five immediate benefits for your company

5 benefits of using automated guided vehicles

A customized solution – purchase or leasing?

We offer to tailor the AGV's route to suit your company's workflow. Choose from a range of options for purchasing or leasing the driverless forklift truck - we offer financing for all types of companies. With a short delivery time and proven AGV technology, the Global AGV driverless forklift truck contributes to the competitive operation of your business.

The cost of buying an AGV

Top security with thoroughly testes technology

Our driverless truck technology has been thoroughly tested and AGV has a particularly high level of security that minimizes damage and accidents in the warehouse and contributes to a smooth logistics flow.

Service and maintenance – 24/7 all year around

When you purchase an AGV, you gain access to a competent sales, service and maintenance team. Our AGV team consists of well-trained sales and service professionals who are all specialists in AGV technology.


Get in front - quite simply

Automated guided vehicle

Automated trucks from Global AGV

Case stories

Global AGV hos Dragsbæk
Global AGV

Dragsbæk’s AGV solution frees up staff resources

A driverless forklift from Global AGV helps food manufacturer Dragsbæk in Thisted, Denmark, move pallets of margarine blocks from the production line to the warehouse. The driverless forklift technology reduces the amount of manual pushing and eliminates

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Global AGV hos Lantmännen
Global AGV

Lantmännen Unibake gets a fast, efficient worker from day 1

Assisted by Global AGV’s demo concept, the Danish company Lantmännen Unibake has instantaneously streamlined its production process after implementing an AGV solution. The company’s trial period of using the driverless forklift provides a sound basis for

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