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Easy automation with automated guided vehicles

Global AGV – automate your pallet transport easily!

With a high-quality standard product that is user-friendly, easy to install, with a short delivery time, and a low price, we welcome you to the future of automated guided vehicles! Regardless size and type of business, we have made it possible for you to automate simple A-B pallet transports with the flexible and innovative Global AGV.

Improve your company’s performance by investing in a bullet-proof standard product, which quite easily automates your manual pallet transports, releasing time and employee resources for other value-adding tasks. Global AGV guarantees you 60% savings on your simple pallet transports. You increase your efficiency and improve your productivity, whilst minimising damages and accidents – overall optimising your internal logistic.

Improve your bottom line. Contact our AGV experts and get one step closer to automating your pallet transports the easy way.



Get started – it is easy with Global AGV

  • A Stand-Alone standard product

  • Increased efficiency by working 24/7-365

  • 60% savings on simple pallet transport tasks

  • Heightened safety - working alongside humans and machines

  • Easy to integrate into existing environments

  • Plug n’ Produce: Flexible and user-friendly route configuration

  • Intuitive interface – same screen on computer, tablet, or phone

  • Dual mode with automatic or manual operation

  • Short delivery time in just 4 weeks

  • Short payback period in less than 1 year.



Improved bottom line
Quick payback period
Worldwide service 24/7-365
Installation in 2-3 days
Heightened safety


Putting safety first with proven technology

It is our top priority to put safety first when using the Global AGV. Having provided the AGV with several safety sensors, you are guaranteed a 360 degrees navigation, making it possible for the AGV to operate safely alongside humans and machines.

If the AGV’s route or safety zones are broken by another operating machine or an employee, the AGV will stop and keep a safe distance until the object is removed. After the object is removed, the AGV will automatically continue its route.


Global AGV produktvideo


Quick and easy installation with standard software



Unboxing Global AGV

You receive your new AGV in a box that is easy to separate.



Mapping the layout with Global AGV

Map the AGV yourself using the user-friendly teach module.

Generate points

Generate points for the AGV route

Generate points where the AGV must pick up and place pallets.

Easy route changes

Changing routes with the Global AGV

Set up the AGV’s routes and easily change them.


Plug n’ Produce

Plug n´ produce with Global AGV

Your AGV is ready to start with a simple push on the button.



Read more about all the advantages in our brochure

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Case stories - hear it from our customers

As we handle an average of 800 pallets per day, we needed to optimise our pallet flow at ground level, and the new AGVs have already been a huge help. The two AGVs that operate in the high-rise warehouse get through around 40 pallets per hour, and with a shift of 16 hours per day, we have had the opportunity to allocate resources to other tasks. In the returns department, the final AGV works side by side with the man we have down there, and it really helps with his workflow,” explains Christian Bødker Forsberg, Logistics Director at Brødrene A&O Johansen A/S.

Hear more about how Brdr. A&O Johansen have saved 60-80% on their internal logistics with Global AGV.


Global AGV at A&O Johansen - Førerløs truck
Global AGV

Brødrene A&O Johansen

With an investment in three automated guided vehicles (AGVs), the construction goods wholesaler, Brødrene A&O Johansen A/S in Albertslund (Denmark), have experienced an impressive optimisation of their internal logistics

Global AGV hos Lantmännen
Global AGV

Lantmännen Unibake gets a fast, efficient worker from day 1

Assisted by Global AGV’s demo concept, the Danish company Lantmännen Unibake has instantaneously streamlined its production process after implementing an AGV solution. The company’s trial period of using the driverless forklift provides a sound basis for

Read more ...
Global AGV hos Dragsbæk
Global AGV

Dragsbæk’s AGV solution frees up staff resources

A driverless forklift from Global AGV helps food manufacturer Dragsbæk in Thisted, Denmark, move pallets of margarine blocks from the production line to the warehouse. The driverless forklift technology reduces the amount of manual pushing and eliminates

Read more ...

24/7 service support – your guarantee for safe operation

With our competent service and maintenance team we consider it our top priority to make your everyday life easier. Therefore we have a unique service concept adapted to your specific needs to secure an optimal performance of your Global AGV – onsite, online or by phone.

Read more about our service and support concept here.


Educate your employees with BILA Academy

We have a dedicated team ready to help you get the best start with your Global AGV. With BILA Academy, we offer you a technical workshop, either online or on-site, where our AGV-experts guide you through the AGV step-by-step.


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Worldwide dealer network – a global partner near you

With a strong and fast growing international dealer network, you are assured of qualified advice and support worldwide regarding Global AGV. Want to know more about your local Global AGV dealer?

Contact us for further information.



Choose your Global AGV

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