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BILA RoboPower

Robot for automating the machine operation


BILA RoboPower product highlights

  • Easy to programme
  • Uncomplicated introduction of new items
  • Very compact and mobile
  • Unique service concept
  • Uses Kawasaki’s R-series robot

Effective robot automation

When you choose BILA RoboPower, you obtain effective robot automation with a robot that carries out the boring and monotonous work tasks. Employees no longer have to carry out heavy lifting, work while twisting or carry out repetitive tasks. Instead, they are free to carry out other tasks. BILA RoboPower can operate unmanned after closing down time, so that components are ready for the next day.

Moveable as Needed

BILA RoboPower is a compact and moveable cell that can be easily moved using a pallet jack or a truck. RoboPower can be placed in between several CNC machines and can be set for production in the course of 20-30 minutes.

The main frame/stand of RoboPower is heavy enough to make it stable without being bolted to the floor. If the cell needs to be moved frequently, two zero point plates are used, which are attached to the floor.

Functional Design

The distance from the edge of the cell to the chuck or vice can be up to 1,100 mm depending on the height of the CNC machine. Thanks to this, in most cases the cell can be placed away from the CNC machine without having to move the robot cell.


The combination of parametric programming and block teaching (operator programming) makes it possible to quickly change items (5-10 min) while at the same time allowing the operator to do new programming and to use the cell with other machines.

Focus on Small Batch Volumes

During the development of RoboPower, there has been great focus on being able to match the Danish subcontractors’ needs of small batch volumes. BILA RoboPower is therefore also attractive to companies handling small batch volumes because of its short run-in time.


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