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BILA DataPower

Optimise your production system by getting fast and easy access to data collection


BILA data collection gives you:

  • a quick overview of production-line efficiency and challenges;
  • facts on unexpected production stops causing downtime;
  • real-time data showing whether your production is on target;
  • production data accessible anywhere – even from your smartphone;
  • a data collection system that you can typically install in less than an hour.

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Sådan fungerer BILA DataPower

BILA DataPower visualizations

BILA DataPower’s dashboard gives you a quick overview of all your production lines.

This is where you can see how your production line has been operating during a specific time frame. You get a quick overview of the essential facts, such as number of stops, average downtime and daily/weekly production figures.

Stoppage causes
This is where you can assign stoppage causes to the individual stops registered for the system

Stoppage analysis
This gives you an overview of the specific stoppages resulting in downtime on your line as well as knowledge for further improving your production process.

Get started quickly and easily with BILA DataPower data collection

We know how crucial data collection is to Industry 4.0 and production optimisation. That’s why we want to simplify it even more. No matter how big or small your company’s production, you can implement BILA DataPower and gain unique insight into your production system’s performance. This will enable you to optimise your production output, which will be directly reflected on your bottom line.

What is BILA DataPower?

BILA DataPower is a plug-and-play solution that uses data collection and visualisation to provide fact-based input for optimising production. DataPower collects data from your production system and digitally stores it on a secure cloud server 24/7, enabling you to monitor your production status anywhere, anytime. Data collection provides a rapid overview of essential, beneficial facts for organising, adapting and optimising production:

  • it manages insightful, value-adding production data;
  • its real-time data show whether the production process is on target;
  • the production data are accessible anywhere – even from your smartphone;
  • a data collection system that you can typically install in less than an hour;
  • connectable to any system.

Gain insight into your system performance

Data collection with BILA DataPower provides insight into your system’s performance and efficiency and shows you historical data, such as number of units produced per minute, processing temperature and duration of downtime. Also, the data collection system makes it possible to view status and live data in the form of manufacturing efficiency, actual value-adding time, average downtime duration, time sheet for line productivity, OEE, etc. Having access to production data enables all employees to get involved and relate to the system’s performance, which instils a deep sense of responsibility for and ownership of the production process.

BILA DataPower installation – easy and straightforward

Getting started with BILA DataPower is easy. As a rule, you can install data collection on your production line in less than an hour. All it takes is to connect a sensor and then plug it in. You don’t even need to have an internet connection, as the solution can send data via both WiFi and GSM (mobile communications) to a secure cloud server.

So you don’t have to mess with the IT aspects yourself, and we also provide safe data storage and back-up. This also enables you to see production flow, downtime, and causes of stoppage from your smartphone wherever you are. In other words you don’t need to install any apps, and you can access data from your iPad and computer — even from a Smart TV in the production area.

Downloading data and reporting

You can download your valuable data in several formats for further analysis. Also, you can use the system to generate various reports showing the main causes of production downtime, OEE trends over time, etc. You can easily configure the cause categories yourself, and it is possible to register the causes of each individual stop.

What should I do if I run into technical problems with my BILA DataPower?

If you experience any technical problems, there is no need to worry. BILA is ready to resolve the problem. You can phone our service and support specialists, from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm, on tel. +45 96 69 47 07.


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