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PJM joins BILA Group

PJM joins BILA Group

The illustrious automation business PJM A/S (Poul Johansen Maskiner) becomes part of BILA Group A/S. The acquisition of the successful business based in Odsherred, Denmark is taking place in order to secure the Group’s long-term growth and strengthen its competitiveness on the international scene. The deal is part of efforts to create a strong, Danish operator in the growing market of industrial automation. PJM will continue to operate as an independent entity with its current management team.

Since its beginnings in 1988, BILA Group has established itself as one of Scandinavia’s leading suppliers of automation solutions to industrial customers worldwide. This acquisition provides the robust Danish business with ample firepower to compete with international players in the growing industrial automation market. At the same time, it also ensures improved opportunities to accommodate current trends among domestic industrial operators who are setting their sights on rapid transitions and increasingly streamlined production processes.

“PJM delivers solutions to a wide portfolio of customers in the manufacturing industry - primarily those engaged in industrial production, including in the medical devices sector. The company is a fantastic complement to our other businesses, both technologically and in terms of its market focus. The union of our product portfolios and technological expertise represents a marked upgrade to the engines required for international success. So I am incredibly pleased to say that we have succeeded and I am delighted to welcome all PJM staff to the BILA family,” says Jan B. Sørensen, CEO of BILA Group.

A perfect match for national and local interests
The Poul Johansen Foundation, which is handing over its majority stake to BILA Group, welcomes a match that will strengthen activities in Odsherred while ensuring that Poul Johansen’s life’s work remains in Danish hands.

“Finding an industrial buyer with clear ambitions to take the business on to the next level in Odsherred, in Denmark and on the international scene is absolutely crucial for a foundation with roots that run as deep as ours. PJM is joining a project that uses Danish know-how to create jobs, growth and innovation. BILA Group’s determination to build a strong entity in a market undergoing rapid growth, alongside its desire to expand on PJM’s rich heritage makes this a great match - we could not have asked for better,” says Teddy Wivel, Chairman of Poul Johansen Fonden af 1992.

At the same time, the Foundation is pleased to note that the sale will enhance opportunities to support the arts and culture in both Odsherred and across Denmark. The Poul Johansen Foundation will retain a stake in PJM.

Continuing as an independent business
The new ownership structure will see PJM continue as an independent entity, keeping on its staff of 100 great professionals, as well as the current management team at the tiller. BILA will support PJM’s ongoing positive development while also securing enhanced opportunities for growth and boosting the Group’s presence both in Denmark and internationally.

“Over the last 60 years, PJM has built up a fantastic family-owned business with a strong employee-focused culture. We are honoured to be entrusted with continuing these proud traditions and we are looking forward to continuing to develop with all these talented employees on board. Now that we can utilise our shared knowledge and learn from each other, we will easily be able to reach a position where we are able to offer our customers something completely unique,” says Jan B. Sørensen.

Into the world together
The fact that this deal is between two highly specialised businesses within the same industry represents real consolidation that will equip the Group to venture more boldly onto the international scene. A well-consolidated Danish specialist will also be in an even better position to grow as and when Danish production companies establish themselves and expand abroad. This will mean that BILA Group’s international service network will act as a bridgehead for PJM’s automation solutions to an even wider market.

The companies complement each other, meaning that we will be able to work together to cover a bigger swathe of our customers’ production processes and logistics flows. Through the exchange of ideas and methods, we will be in a position to develop even more innovative solutions than we would be able to do independently. I am very much looking forward to continuing PJM’s upward developmental trend as part of a new, stronger constellation,” says Benny Smith, CEO of PJM.

BILA Group is also thrilled that PJM’s base in Odsherred will provide the Group with a better foothold in Zealand. Industries in this region, including the medical devices sector and the pharmaceutical industry, have demonstrated tremendous appetite for production optimisation and rapid transitions to meet demand. These kinds of transitions are often subject to prevailing circumstances in society as a whole.

The acquisition of PJM A/S follows BILA Group A/S’s previous acquisitions of Reo-Pack, Mariager, the service department at Blaaholm in Esbjerg, as well as Dan-Palletiser in Vemmelev.

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Published april 2021