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Saint-Gobain Distribution AGV forklift

Saint-Gobain Distribution Denmark optimises manual processes through test solution

With Global AGV’s demo concept, Saint-Gobain has been given the opportunity to gain practical experience with an AGV solution over a three-month test period. By optimising manual workflows, the driverless forklift truck has quickly shown potential for becoming a valuable resource for the distribution company. 

Automation is high on the list of development initiatives at Saint-Gobain, a distribution company which in recent years has been searching for an AGV solution with the right properties to optimise workflows. Due to a complex set-up at the company’s terminal buildings, there have been doubts at Saint-Gobain as to how an AGV could create value in their distribution. According to Rasmus Ambrosen, logistics analyst at Saint-Gobain, Global AGV’s demo concept has therefore proved a superb opportunity:

With a relatively small investment budget, we have the chance to test an AGV demo and gain experience of how it works in practice – both in interaction with employees and technical equipment. And we see that as a huge advantage,” he says, adding:

By starting to implement a simple AGV solution on a test basis, we can learn more about the value a self-driving forklift truck can bring to a company like ours and at the same time gain experience with the challenges that may arise.”

With potential for value creation

On the basis of a rapid commissioning process, Saint-Gobain was able to conclude within a short time that the AGV had proved its worth.

The AGV has shown the potential to become a valuable resource that can take over parts of manual driving, reduce our peak load in a number of areas and result in the release of employee resources for other, more value-adding tasks,” says Rasmus Ambrosen.

The employees have also welcomed the AGV, which Saint-Gobain expects to become a permanent part of the staff in the long term:

The coexistence of the AGV and the employees works perfectly. Employees are happy to let the self-driving forklift truck ship things around, so they can spend their time on more valuable activities instead,” says Rasmus Ambrosen.

An excellent collaboration 

According to Rasmus Ambrosen, the collaboration with Global AGV has worked perfectly:

The collaboration with Global AGV has been excellent. Since we have found ourselves in somewhat unknown territory in terms of how an AGV would handle tasks in our set-up, the focus of our collaboration has always been on creating experience together,” says Rasmus Ambrosen and concludes:

By being part of the large BILA group, Global AGV has broad expertise with automation and knowledge of other solutions that can complement the AGV in the long term in our distribution. And that is a clear advantage.”