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Software version 2.0 for BILA RoboPower

Upgrade: Software version 2.0 for BILA RoboPower

After gaining six years of experience and selling 100 robotic solutions for all types of machine operation, BILA RoboPower is now launching an upgraded version of its successful, user-friendly RoboPower software.

Using the best of version 1.0

We have taken the best of our version 1.0 and combined this with the feedback we have received from customers and the market over the years. This results in software version 2.0 that takes even greater account of BILA RoboPower’s user needs.

The core of version 1.0 has been the combination of fast programming and inherent flexibility to enable independent programming of different robotic runs and adding new equipment without external support.

This has given users more responsibility and autonomy in the production process and generated lots of innovation and motivation to work on developing solutions for new items in the process. The possibility of running in new products on one’s own, creating new fixtures and connecting new peripheral equipment infuses users with the energy and desire to proactively use robotic solutions in everyday life. To companies, it means the development of skills in its workforce and significantly boosts efficient, competitive production processes.


Version 2.0 - in multiple languages

Version 2.0 elevates programming to new heights and makes customers more autonomous than ever. It speeds up the creation of new applications and strikingly improves user-friendliness, making the system easier to use for experienced and new employees alike. Several of the previous options are now standard features in version 2.0 to increase user friendliness and reduce errors.

As a brand-new option, it is now possible select different language versions, which opens up many new possibilities for spreading the BILA RoboPower concept to manufacturing companies around the world.

This new software version will be standard on all BILA RoboPower models going forward.

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