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Automatic format change when palletising buckets

Automatic format change when palletising buckets

Danish innovation ensures automatic format change in Australia.

In approximately four months, hand-palletising of conical buckets will no longer be necessary for the Australian paint producer, Dulux.

At the beginning of April this year, the first two palletisers commenced their 40 day journey at sea from Vemmelev in Denmark to Clayton, Victoria, Australia. They are the first two of seven machines destined for palletising 12 different sizes of conical buckets with paint.

”It’s not a daily occurrence for Dan Palletiser to get orders from ’down-under’ – and certainly not for seven identical machines”, says Mik Hansen, Managing Director at Dan Palletiser. Nevertheless, Dan Palletiser successfully managed this in 2016, where the order for seven identical machines was secured.

A unique product made it possible

At For Dan Palletiser to even be considered in bidding for an order that far away, stems from both their excellent reputation, which is built up on more than 40 years experience in the industry, but also due to their 2013 development of a palletiser which reliably palletises conical buckets on pallets. This was an exercise typically performed manully or with a robot, which often resulted in loose lids or paint on the floor.

”Our palletising solution gently and precisely pushes the buckets onto the pallet – without ’pulling their hair’ – thus without lifting the lid by means of vacuum or squeezing them, which has typically been the way to automatically palletise buckets”, explains Mik Hansen and continues; ”We saw a market requirement in 2013 for a better and more secure method of palletising conical buckets, and as a natural evolution of this, we have now developed the world’s first plate-palletising machine with an automatic format change”.

Stirring a revolution

The newly developed change of format may revolutionise the market, predicts Mik Hansen. It wil, in his view, provide reductions in manual workflow processes for producers of paint, foodstuff, chemical products and others who palletise buckets. Additionally, in a world where there is more and more focus on working environment, automation and higher net earnings, it will be a huge advantage that everything is done automatically – only with the push of a button. This has not been possible before.

13,500 litres of paint per hour

When the seven palletisers on October 1, 2017 are installed and in full production, Dulux can palletise between 15 and 33 buckets per minute depending on the format and pallet patern. This translates to a palletising of 13,500 litres of paint per minute on each machine, which is an impressive 94,500 litres per hour, if all seven machines are running at maximum capacity.

Published may 2017