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Tvilum has halved its plastic film consumption with sustainable machine optimisation


  • Repaid investment in foil savings
  • Increased productivity
  • Minimal operation and maintenance costs
  • Variable pre-stretch ensure load security
Less material consumption. Less environmental impact. Less waste at the end-customer.
There are several gains for the furniture manufacturer Tvilum after the optimisation of 8 stretch wrapping machines which were more than 20 years old. Stretch film consumption is now reduced by 40-60% when the wrapped pallets leave the warehouse. And pallet stability and quality are even better because the film is wrapped even tighter around the goods on the pallets.

Every day, 20 lorries leave the warehouse at the furniture factory in Fårvang (DK) with 800 pallets loaded with furniture for international chains such as JYSK, IKEA, and others. Each pallet is now wrapped with a strong yet thin stretch film to ensure that the furniture reaches the stores around Europe and the rest of the world unscathed. Packaging quality has been significantly increased, even though the thickness of the stretch film is reduced to half its size.

A total of 8 shrink wrappers have been upgraded with new controls and new film carriages with dual-motorised pre-stretch from REO-PACK, which is part of the BILA automation group. The financial basis for this optimisation proved to be sound: The investment has paid for itself in stretch film savings. Film consumption per pallet has been reduced from 240 grams to 146 grams.

At the same time, the life of the pallet wrapping machines, which have already served for 20 years, is extended further. There was nothing wrong with them, but they simply lacked functionality.

So reports project manager Sabahudin Nukovic, who works with process optimisation at Tvilum. The point is to create a better, healthier, and greener workplace and business.

Retrofitting instead of scrapping machinery

According to Sabahudin Nukovic, the new stretch film solution has gained only positive response. From the operators who work with pallet wrapping as well as from forklift drivers and warehouse managers.

REO-PACK has helped solve multiple challenges for us. We have achieved an increased uptime, lower operating costs and machines that are easy to operate for our people. Pre-stretch was not a feature of the old machines from REO-PACK. It was a big advantage to be able to add new technology to the old machines to make pre-stretch possible. We actually use 40-60% less stretch film now because we can use a thinner film for the optimised machines. This film works its way back and shrinks around the load after it has been wrapped, which provides even better stability and even higher safety during transport, explains Sabahudin Nukovic, Tvilum. 

Wraps sufficiently thin

Tvilum has also optimised the art of striking the right balance between sufficiently robust wrapping and sufficiently thin wrapping. REO-PACK contributed by developing standard applications for different pallet sizes and parameters so that operators can feel confident that the film around the pallets will not break.

Sustainability has a high priority for us here at Tvilum. We focus on reducing the amount of plastic in all the loads we send out, and this applies to styrofoam, stretch film, etc. If the parameters are correct, the film will not break.

Sabahudin Nukovic also explains that the choice of supplier fell on REO-PACK because he has found the decades-long cooperation to be excellent, effective, and highly dynamic.

We are satisfied with REO-PACK and the cooperation we have with them. It matters for us that REO-PACK is a local Danish supplier that provides good support and has good products with high stability and long service life. Pricewise, their solution matched well with our budget and criteria, Nukovic notes.

Potential for more wins ahead

Next, Tvilum is now looking at optimising other pallet wrapping machines in its production facilities. The good experience with the upgrade has inspired Tvilum to reap even more wins with targeted technology investments.

With headquarters and 2 production facilities in Denmark and 1 production facility in Poland, Tvilum is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ready to assemble furniture. Annually, Tvilum produces approximately 5 million pieces of furniture, which are sold and distributed worldwide. Founded in 1965, Tvilum generated revenue of DKK 1.3 billion in 2020 and achieved a profit of DKK 71 million after tax, an increase of 42% on the previous year.

Founded in 1988, REO-PACK is Denmark's largest specialty factory for the manufacture of stretch wrapping machines. The client list includes Nestlé, DHL, Rockwool, Carlsberg, Quaker Oats, Velux, Coca Cola, Arla Foods, Salling Group, Haribo, Procter & Gamble, CoRo Food, Pepsico, Glatfelter, and Saint Gobain. In 2020, REO-PACK became part of BILA A/S, Scandinavia’s largest automation company with headquarters in Nykøbing Mors, Denmark. BILA offers industrial customers at home and abroad a complete automation solution, from packing and palletising to final wrapping and labelling of the pallet.

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