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Mini pepperoni - DK Foods

Automating the handling of sausages


  • Reduced labour costs
  • Increased productivity performance
  • Improved working environment
  • Reduction of production costs
  • Improved competitiveness

Focus on efficiency and work routines

BILA A/S has delivered two automation solutions - one for handling pepperoni and one for handling mini-pepperoni. Common for both solutions was the wish to achieve efficiency improvements and protect employees against heavy lifts and laborious work routines.

DK Foods had for some time expressed the wish to streamline parts of the production, concerning transport of sausages and pepperoni. This part was done manually, which resulted in high labour costs, and the physical working environment was characterised by repeated, monotonous working tasks with heavy lifts.

Steffen Ramsgaard, CEO at DK Foods, says: ”We wanted to be more efficient in handling sausages and pepperoni and save labour costs, as well as improve the physical working environment of our production employees. We heard good things about BILA from our network and decided to contact them and hear if they could help us.”

The mission

BILA A/S delivered a total of two projects to DK Foods – the first project included a Kawasaki robot for transportation of smoking bars with sausages to cut-off of the string, then removal of the string and subsequently removal of the smoking bars. The second project included a Kawasaki robot that fetches the smoking bars, attaches pepperoni sausages and hangs them on a rack before they are smoked.

Steffen Ramsgaard is thrilled about the collaboration with BILA A/S.

”The production parts, which now are automated with robot, have become both faster and more efficient. BILA did a great piece of work on the first project, so we decided to work with them on the second project as well. Both times, BILA exceeded all our expectations.”

”We have experienced reduced labour costs and have eliminated large parts of the unfavourable and laborious work tasks for our employees, so we are very pleased.”

– CEO at DK Foods, Steffen Ramsgaard.


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