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Increased efficiency with automating lathe with robotics

Increased capacity with a new BILA RoboPower at O. Jacobsens Maskinfabrik

  • Increased capacity
  • Streamlining in just a few square metres
  • Efficient cooperation

Optimisation of production plant and more production

O. Jacobsens Maskinfabrik – A cutting-edge modern company, with expertise in the machining of cast iron, steel, aluminium, brass and bronze.

New efficient BILA RoboPower solution – BILA supply a new solution for a CNC machining centre, ensuring increased capacity with unmanned operation.

At O. Jacobsens Maskinfabrik in Holstebro, many of the company’s slabs were run on three different machines, with four members of staff having to look after them. The employees had to lift the slabs several times a day from a pallet to the machine and from the machine to the measuring and washing areas and then on to distribution and preparation.

In the words of Production Manager Henning Laugesen:

“The main aim of the investment was to get more production hours per 24-hour period. We wanted to get more hours out of the machines and spare a few hands that were not being used efficiently. In addition, many of the slabs required our staff to engage in some straight-arm heavy lifting, and that was something we really wanted to avoid. The quality of the working environment is very important for us.”

New flexible RoboPower solution

Looking to optimise the process at the machining centre, it soon became clear that this aim could be realistically achieved by installing a single robot that could handle the slabs.

Henning Laugesen explains further:

“BILA had an excellent concept in its new RoboPower, and we could see it had a number of benefits for us. In particular, optimisation and flexibility were important priorities. Equally, this solution meant that we would not have to stop the process so much, as we can keep the robot operating as slabs are being loaded.”

The new BILA RoboPower handles a number of different slabs at O. Jacobsens Maskinfabrik. After slabs are loaded onto a loading table, this automatically moves into the robot, which grips a slab and inserts it into the CNC machining centre. Once machining has been completed, the robot takes the slab and places it on the loading table. When all slabs have been machined, the loading table moves out automatically and a new loading table is ready for the robot. The slabs that have been machined are removed from the loading table while the robot continues operating, and new slabs are readied for the next shift.

Increase of up to six hours in production time

The BILA RoboPower currently operates unmanned up to six hours in a 24-hour period, and the staffing needs for the machine factory’s machines are significantly reduced.

“Previously we had four people to look after three or four machines. With the new solution we can now use just two people to do the same work,”

says Henning Laugesen.

This gives the machine factory more hours in the day, both as regards machining time and the ability to release staff for other jobs. Equally, the employees no longer have to perform too much heavy lifting, and what lifting remains is now more ergonomic.

We are very pleased with the solution. Depending on the slab in question, we now have between three and six hours of additional production per 24-hour period. This means we can put through a lot more slabs on the machine, and this has certainly made a difference. At the same time, the night shift team can easily load up and press start when they come in, and the robot then looks after itself.

Henning Laugesen, Production Manager O. Jacobsens Maskinfabrik

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