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BILA RoboPower hos Hans Jensen Lubricators

Hans Jensen Lubricators has eliminated monotonous work


  • Eliminated monotonous manual tasks
  • Unmanned production line after hours
  • Fast implementation

The engineering works Hans Jensen Lubricators (HJL) has been around for more than a century, developing and manufacturing cylinder lubrication systems for two-stroke marine-diesel and stationary engines. The more than 90 employees at its Hadsund factory show that this busy supplier has plenty going on.

Since 1923, HJL has had an eye for investing in the latest technology, and it recently decided to invest in yet another BILA RoboPower, along with a multitasking machine NTX1000 from DMG MORI, for two reasons:

1. Its products must be produced with great accuracy down to the last detail.

2. The workforce must be freed up for other tasks, whereas the CNC machine and robot cell must run unmanned, even after hours.

BILA RoboPower as a package solution

The first BILA RoboPower T800 was bought to feed and remove workpieces from an existing CNC lathe, and it opened up new possibilities for HJL’s production process.

After successfully implementing the first BILA RoboPower T800, it was only natural that the next robot should also be a BILA RoboPower. This time it was the T850 model, purchased together with a DMG MORI multitasking NTX1000 machine. The implementation of the combined solution was done by DMG MORI.

"This is our second BILA RoboPower, and both investments were made in close cooperation with our suppliers. Collaboration went well, and the robots’ operation and performance fully meet our expectations."

According to board chairman Hans Peter Jensen.

Employees assigned to other tasks

Previously, the items were manufactured at four workstations on three different machines, but now the entire process can be done in a collaborative process between the robot cell and the multitasking machine.

Combining CNC machines and robot cells has eliminated monotonous manual tasks, which enables us to assign employees to other tasks.

According to CEO Rasmus Jensen.

BILA RoboPower is an easily accessible, user-friendly robot cell due to its simple programming. The operator can reprogram the cell at any time and it has no limits because it is not constrained by parametric models. It is also is a flexible robot that can be moved around in the production process as needed, and it is very safe to use at the same time.

Fast implementation

The installation of the robot cell and multitasking machine went quickly. As HJL’s employees were already familiar with the BILA RoboPower concept, it only took about a week to train the operators in how to use the new robot cell and collaborate with the multitasking machine.

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