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Den stolte Hane

Major automation project with a payback period of just two years


  • Reduced production costs
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Improved working environment
  • Excellent long-term collaboration
  • Improved competitiveness

Den Stolte Hane Jæren is a Norwegian chicken and egg producer. It supplies poultry meat and eggs for its own brands and for private label brands. The company is part of the Scandi Standard Group, whose companies include Swedish Kronfågel, Finnish Naapurin Maalaiskana and Danish Danpo.

Den Stolte Hane wanted to automate its packing facility where the work was manually carried out by 28 employees operating seven packing lines; from folding out boxes to placing the packaged chicken product on pallets.

Increased productivity in the packing facility

The aim was to implement an automation project that could reduce labour costs at the factory. Michael Østedgaard Nielsen, Technical Manager at Scandi Standard explains:

"By automating the packing facility we were able to reduce the number of employees by twenty and now two years after its implementation, we continue to produce as much despite the reduction in employee numbers,"

BILA’s task was to automate the entire packing facility. It installed seven robots; of these three were picker robots and four were Kawasaki RD80s for palletising.

The process involves the robots lifting the boxes, filling them, labelling them and sealing them. The boxes are then checked for weight before they are finally palletised. Previously, all of these operations were carried out manually by 28 employees.

Improved working environment and excellent collaboration

The automation of the entire packing facility at Den Stolte Hane has significantly improved the working environment.

"In addition to requiring 20 less employees, it is also important for us that we have reduced the amount of heavy lifting and eliminated monotonous and repetitive work,"
Scandi Standard has worked with BILA many times before and this meant that BILA was a natural choice of supplier.

Knowing each other as well as we do is a great advantage with a process like this. The goal of the business case has been achieved and it is a really excellent facility, which we are very satisfied with,”

says Michael Østedgaard Nielsen, Technical Manager at Scandi Standard.

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