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Akkumulerende rullebanesystem

Accumulating Roller Conveyor System

Fully automatic conveyor system handles 25.000 boxes of variable weight per day at Scan AB in Kristianstad.

Scan AB is part of the HKScan organisation, which is one of Northern Europe's largest producers of foodstuff in terms of production and sales of fresh meat and charcuterie.

The facility in Kristianstad is one of the organisation's largest and employs around 750 employees.

Fully Automatic Process

To achieve a more efficient production, Scan AB wanted to optimise the packing and cooling process, and decided to invest in new accumulating conveyor systems.
Dan Palletiser possess more than 30 years of experience with the accumulation of boxes with variable weight, and therefore a fully automatic roller conveyor system from Dan Palletiser was a natural choice. This resulted in the delivery of 200 metres of conveyors and roller conveyors to Kristianstad.
"Dan Palletiser suggested with their fully automatic roller conveyor solution the absolute best system for us, whilst handling the technical aspects in relation to the accumulation, which was imperative to us", explains Per Wirsam, project manager, Scan AB..

SRS lådor (plastic crates)

The products are manually packed in cardboard boxes and SRS lådor (plastic crates) which vary in weight from 3-4 kg to 30 kg. The size of the plastic crates are 600x400mm and 400x300mm respectively.

When the goods enter into storage, weight control is utilised in order to confirm there is no variance between the actual contents of the crates and what is registered in the warehousing system. Subsequently the crates with fresh produce are further transported on the conveyor system through zones with varying temperatures.

This places a high demand on the reliability of the system based on the expiration of the products, and this is where the accumulation of the differently sized crates comes into play, in order to maintain the production flow.

We utilise two shifts and produce more than 25.000 crates per day, which translates into a capacity of 28 crates per minute. This requires a flexible system and places a high demand on reliability. We are incredibly satisfied with the fully automatic conveyor system from Dan Palletiser", says Per Wirstam, project manager, Scan AB..

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