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Tailormade palletising for buns, toast and sandwiches in Taastrup

With famous brands such as Tianon and Herkules, Kohberg's large bakery in Taastrup near Copenhagen exudes Danish business success. Kohberg Bakery Group A/S isn't a particularly old organisation. It simply grew exceptionally fast. In just fifteen years, Kohberg went from being a small, local rye bread bakery in Sønderjylland, to a large and modern bakery.

Production and packing lines

Kohberg Bread in Taastrup has five production and packaging lines, where their products run to the palletising hall 24 hours a day. In 2009, the organisation decided it was time to automate their processes.

Economics and high capacity

"The choice was basically between two solutions, traditional palletising or robotic palletising", explains technical manager, Claus D. Larsen. 
After probing the possibilities, the choice was made on a traditional solution, and this is where Dan Palletiser came into the pricture.
Economics, high capacity of 240 stacks per hour translating to 4800 boxes per hour and reliability were the deciding factors in relation to the choice of the traditional palletising solution.

Kohberg Brød is highly satisfied the the solution from Dan Palletiser", says technical manager, Claus D. Larsen.

Following the selection of Dan Palletiser as supplier, a joint steering committee consisting of members from both Kohberg and Dan Palletiser was established, where the demands were analysed. Following this, the solution was essentially tailormade to the specific requirements from Kohberg.

The central link in the palletising solution was a standard box loader, which palletises from the five lines simultaneously. Kohberg Brød stacks the boxes in an existing stacker, whereafter Dan Palletiser gather four stacks at a time, and thereafter transported to the palletiser via a transfer car. The stack runs out onto a pallet, whilst being supported by side guarding. This is how Dan Palletiser reliably transfers the stack of boxes to the pallet.

Dan Palletiser has simultaneously developed a general operating solution, where the bakers at Kohberg Brød can input their daily orders, so that everyone in production can see what needs to be run and if they are short on anything. Tailormade solution is to be taken literally here, as Dan Palletiser produces all equipment in-house.  

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