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Mixpakning og -palletering af smelteost hos Arla Birkum

Mix-packing and palletising at Arla Birkum


  • Lower production costs
  • Reduced handling time
  • Improved working environment
  • Enhanced competitiveness

Industrial automation of the mix-packing function

Over the years, Arla Foods’ dairy in Birkum encountered increasing problems with heavy lifting, monotonous repetitive tasks and production flow challenges. Previously, cheese cups were manually packed in boxes and cartons, requiring the designated employees to repeat the same movements all day long. Similarly, the cheese cups were mix-packed and clean-packed on one and the same production line, which had the drawback of preventing the company from mix-packing and clean-packing at the same time, which complicated the production flow.

Jesper Thomsen, Dairy Manager, Arla Foods, Birkum said: “Packing the cheese cups involved monotonous, repetitive tasks for our employees, so we wanted to end this problem and improve the production flow at the same time.”

BILA A/S came up with a solution involving four Kawasaki robots which divided the mix-packing and clean-packing into two processes in separate production halls. A robot both cleans and palletises the cheese cups in one hall while all mix-packing is done in the other, running independently of the other line. Here, a robot empties the plastic boxes with cheese cups and then mixes, packs and palletises them. Everything is done automatically.

As for the team effort with BILA A/S, Jesper Thomsen says:

We are very satisfied with the solution, and the project progressed well from start to finish.”

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