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BILA RoboPower installeret hos GPV International i Thailand

BILA RoboPower installed at GPV International in Thailand


  • Remote control from BILAA
  • Fast installation
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BILA has always followed its customers out into the world with wide variety of automation solutions. This time is somewhat different, however, as it marks the first time a BILA RoboPower concept is being installed outside Denmark.

Over the past year, GPV International has successfully installed two BILA RoboPower units at its factory in Tarm, Denmark. The two units are a BILA RoboPower T850-6L and a BILA RoboPower T850-30N, which are intended to feed and remove workpieces from its five-shaft machining centres. The company is now upscaling this successful process at its Thailand factory, where the installation of a BILA RoboPower T850-6L is nearing completion.

Remote control of BILA RoboPower in Thailand

GPV has a factory with 1000 employees in Thailand, so the company’s potential is great. BILA services the system in Thailand the same way it does the systems in Tarm. Via a remote connection, any programming challenge can be remedied from Nykøbing Mors, Denmark, and the local Kawasaki dealer in Bangkok services the actual robot. GPV International is very impressed by how smoothly the installation went and how easily the system is serviced in the event of a breakdown or other unforeseen challenge. Robin Marc Dalacker, Production Manager, GPV International, says:

"Implementing a robot system in another culture with all the differences this entails is challenging in its own right, but as the installation has run impeccably and the service works brilliantly and remotely from BILA to Thailand, then it’s no problem to add more robots to our Asian operations."

The Thailand factory is on a par with the most state-of-the-art factories in Europe, and the deployment of robots to GPV Thailand is further proof that the company wants to be a market leader in Asia.

Yet another BILA RoboPower unit for Thailand

Two days before BILA’s technician returned home, GPV ordered another BILA RoboPower for its factory in Thailand. This time, it was a BILA RoboPower T850-20N for a new lathe centre, which can only be interpreted as a seal of approval for BILA’s performance in Thailand.

After installing the first BILA RoboPower abroad, BILA’s Sales Manager Lars Skaarup Rasmussen says:

The installation was beyond all expectations, and BILA is now ready with a service and sales set-up so we can service our BILA RoboPower concept for customers all over the world.

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