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Lathe operation with robotics

KAMF invests in yet another hard-working CNC assistant from BILA

  • Unmanned operation after work has stopped
  • Good for the working environment
  • No guards needed

Yet another BILA RoboPower for KAMF

KAMF is a machine factory located in Hornslet, north of Århus. At KAMF, they use a combination of automation and robot solutions, as well as Lean and 5S practices.

After KAMF’s first robot investment in a CNC assistant, the firm had so much work on their books that they already felt the need for yet another one.

KAMF is a typical second-tier supplier that machine-processes a wide range of different slabs, often in small batch sizes. So their investment in a BILA RoboPower was a good choice for handling slabs in and out of their lathe. The robot cell can be quickly reconfigured and, thanks to the extremely flexible and easily accessible software, can handle very small batches. It therefore also seemed natural to invest in yet another BILA RoboPower.

Robots create jobs

Anyone who claims that robots end up doing all the work is very much mistaken. KAMF is experiencing a constantly increasing need for automation, and, to keep growing their sales, they needed to make still greater use of their machine capacity. This is why they had to focus on using the machines for a few hours when they were not being used today. Their choice fell on a BILA RoboPower.

Unmanned operation after work has stopped

The success criterion for KAMF was that the BILA RoboPower would run 25 hours of unmanned production a week on an existing lathe. And since they have just topped 40 hours of unmanned operation, this success was celebrated with the purchase of yet another BILA RoboPower, which is now expected to help get a machining centre to run for more hours after work has stopped. When you think what a small investment this is, 40 hours extra a week on an unmanned machine is a pretty big gain.

Good for the working environment

The working environment is very important for KAMF, and MD Keld Adelsbøll is extremely satisfied with their investment in the second BILA RoboPower:

“Our staff are very important to us, so wherever there is a lot of repetition on the machines we look for flexible robot solutions. We want to avoid a situation where our employees get worn out, and, in any case, robots can be much more efficient: so the robot gets to move the slab when the machine has done its bit, and it also carries on with its job when the rest of us have stopped work for the day.”

Keld Adelsbøll concludes:

To be honest, we don’t have time to have a new robot installed just now, as we have so much on, but on the other hand we don’t really have time not to either.

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