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Hydra Grene tager AGV-teknologispring

Hydra Grene takes technological leap with AGV


Produkt highlights

  • A thoroughly tested product
  • Flexible milk packing
  • Customisation possibilities
Hydra Grene tager AGV-teknologispring

Hydra Grene takes technological leap with AGV


West Jutlandic hydraulics manufacturer, Hydra Grene, has embarked on a new technological chapter in internal logistics and a first step in a major new development. The AGV will relieve the pressure in the routine transportation of pallets between the main warehouse and the shipping department.

Workflows optimisation frees up of employee resources

The AGV is awaits orders from the shipping department. When a pallet is requested for collection, the AGV is activated with a single push of the panel button in the shipping department. The AGV then precisely where the pallet should be collected from and where it should be taken to, helping to streamline work processes and free up employees for other important tasks.

“We need to streamline our business procedures. We want to make our internal logistics smarter with this AGV solution. We have taken the first step with this AGV, and we see it as an exciting learning process where we will gradually increase the degree of automation in places where it makes sense,” explain Orla Madsen, Department Manager at Hydra Grene.

Clients cannot wait for their components, which means that a reliability supply must be maintained with over 40,000 components in stock.

“I see good opportunities for greater productivity with this AGV solution. We expect it to expand its route network in the warehouse, and I can easily imagine more AGV solutions in our hose and assembly departments, for example, where there is frequent transportation. We will also soon move over to three-shift operation, so the AGV will run 24 hours per day, with greater profitability as a result,” adds Madsen.

For Global AGV, the solution at Hydra Grene is an example of our next steps in terms of customer segments:

We have delivered a number of AGV solutions to Danish food companies, who already have a high degree of automation throughout their manufacturing processes. We are also now see an interesting trend in the market, namely that manufacturing companies can optimise internal transportation with one or more AGV solutions. This affirms our belief that individually tailored AGV solutions are a good fit for virtually all types of company,”

says Ricco Veile, CEO of Global AGV.

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