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Automation for wind turbine production Automation for wind turbine production

Siemens Gamesa is ready for the future

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Wind Power
Process, assembly and handling solutions for the wind turbine component industry


For more than a decade BILA Wind Power has delivered customer-specific solutions to the wind turbine industry. At BILA we are specialists in blade production, equipment for handling heavy and oversize components, as well as data collection and traceability.

In BILA Wind Power the focus is on you throughout the entire process. We do everything possible to meet your expectations and provide the necessary expertise in all our solutions. To ensure a successful solution, we place a strong emphasis on close interaction and communication.

Wind technology solutions


Blade handling

Blade Handling without tensioning to protect the blade structure.

Designed for efficient blade turning and positioning:
  • High precision
  • Easy operation
  • Adaptable to different blade size
  • Optimized EHS
Root end milling

Mobile root end milling

Cost efficient mobile root end milling – all electrical controlled, options for semiautomatic production. Modular equipment for different sizes and based on standard components.

  • Easy positioning in production og high precision
  • Control system that can be used in different models
  • UL after 508A – and UL approved components.
  • Integrated safety and all in one unit - optimized EHS

Glass/composite handling

Gantries working together in tandem operation by handling of long parts into the working area.

  • High efficiency, accuracy and quality
  • Minimize EHS challenges
  • Optimize Material consumption
  • Process traceability during production
Generator production for wind turbines

Generator production

A new generator production line, which is more flexible and intuitive for operators to use and prepared for the future Smart Production. This has ensured an increased efficiency and improved working environment for the employees.

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Frictionless weighing system

Frictionless weighing system

Frictionless weighing system based on hanging load cells – Integrated floating for even out tensions
From the Blade – Weighing according to OIML R60-C3

Learn how our customer optimized their production with a BILA solution

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy is ready for the future

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE) is a leading global wind turbine producer with several divisions in Denmark. In Brande, they, among other things, produce generators for their 3.0 MW wind turbines addressed towards their onshore customers.

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