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Production optimisation in the food industry

For many years BILA A/S has been delivering automation solutions to the food industry. We have optimized productions within fish, chicken, meat, bread/cookies and the like.

We optimize whole production lines. Here we focus on the optimization of existing facilities but also on the opportunity to automate manual tasks. These production optimizations help achieve higher efficiency and shorter return-on-investment time, which results in increased competitive performance for our customers. 

We look at the company as a whole and have the competence to participate on all levels – from consulting to after-sales service.

No assignment is too big or too small. We will always be able to help you. Below you see some of the competences we possess within the field of the food industry.

We are always ready to assist you and your company in optimizing your production, which is why you are always welcome to contact us for a non-binding conversation so that we can examine your requirements and needs.

Den Stolte Hane

Major automation project with a payback period of just two years - Den Stolte Hane wanted to automate its packing facility where the work was manually carried out by 28 employees operating seven packing lines

Arla automates mozzarella production

”Close cooperation with BILA has made the investment even more worthwhile. We have avoided many of the errors that sometimes occur in projects when people don’t communicate properly." - Production Manager, Bjarke Damsgaard Jørgensen

Palletising of fresh salmon in isopor boxes

”In the solution we added 1 robot to the existing 2 robots which has resulted in an increase in the robot capacity by almost 100%.” - COO Bjørn Willy Sæverud

Learn how our customer optimized their production with a BILA solution

Handling pepperoni sausages with robotics

Handling pepperoni sausages with robotics

BILA A/S has delivered two automation solutions - one for handling pepperoni and one for handling mini-pepperoni. Common for both solutions was the wish to achieve efficiency improvements and protect employees against heavy lifts and laborious work routin

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Handling poultry with robotics

Major automation project with a payback period of just two years

Den Stolte Hane Jæren is a Norwegian chicken and egg producer. It supplies poultry meat and eggs for its own brands and for private label brands. The company is part of the Scandi Standard Group, whose companies include Swedish Kronfågel, Finnish Naapurin

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Palletizing of fresh salmon in isopor boxes

Palletizing of fresh salmon in isopor boxes

Bremnes Seashore has optimized its production because keeping up purely in terms of capacity turned out to be challenging. The principle remains the same as before, but their current facility is now extended and equipped with a robotic cell.



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