Thise dairy

The BILA solution doubles skyr production at Thise Mejeri

Pakning og palletering af bægre med skyr

"We have chosen BILA A/S as it is a local company. They know us and we know them, and therefore, we consider them our in-house supplier".

Technical Supervisor Jens Møibæk

  • A reliable solution
  • Good, long-term cooperation
  • Production doubles to 9,000 pots per hour

”We knew that we would have to automate someday. However, the growing demand for skyr products has forced us to do it now”, Jens Møibæk, Technical Supervisor at Thise Dairy, says about the automation solution from BILA A/S, which has just been installed at Thise Dairy.

With this solution, Thise has considerably optimized its production of skyr. Now, the dairy is able to produce 9,000 pots of skyr per hour, which is twice as many products since the manual handling of the production. At that time, 11 employees used to keep production running 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Thus, the production optimisation fully lives up to Thise Dairy’s objective of increased capacity and efficiency in order to meet the growing market demand, Jens Møibæk says.

Packaging and Palletising Solution

The solution for Thise consists of two Kawasaki robots. Thise Dairy has decided to invest in second-hand robots from BILA A/S, which were inspected prior to the installation. The robots have been installed for packaging and palletising orders. According to Jens Møibæk, the two work processes used to be solely manual before the installation of BILA’s solution.

Now, the production consists of automatic skyr filling into pots. Through a slat belt, the pots are forwarded for packaging near a Kawasaki FS20N robot. On another slat belt, plastic or cardboard trays are forwarded to the robot packaging two plastic trays with six pots of skyr in each tray - in only one movement. The robot is able to package different types of skyr products with up to 500ml per pot.

When the packaging is complete, the products are forwarded for palletising. The robot palletises two trays in a single movement, whereupon the pallets are manually transported to the warehouse.

According to Jens Møibæk, Thise Dairy has now obtained a reliable solution where the manual handling of the pots has been reduced to a minimum thanks to this solution. Furthermore, the solution is flexible because it - besides skyr - is able to package and palletise other Thise products with the same lid diameter as well.

The In-house Supplier

We have chosen BILA A/S as it is a local company. They know us and we know them. Therefore, we consider them as our in-house supplier”, Jens Møibæk says about their cooperation with BILA A/S. Previously, several automation solutions from BILA A/S have been installed at Thise Dairy, and Jens Møibæk says that it is important to Thise Dairy that BILA’s service department is nearby if they need any support.