25th annivesary - BILA Automation

BILA’s 25th Anniversary

BILA A/S was founded in Nykøbing Mors 25 years ago and can now celebrate its 25th anniversary in the automation business sector. It all started in a barn in Thy where the smith Per Bisgaard Sørensen and the machine operator Jørn Larsen started their own company, BILA Maskinservice. Rather fast, they moved out to the newly established Morsø Food Park, whose mission was to provide a service to the different companies in Mors with miscellaneous machinery and portal robots. But BILA A/S quickly became something very different because the food industry never got rolling in Food Parken as originally planned. This set the start of designing special machinery, the pallet magazine PALOMAT and miscellaneous robotic systems.

Today, BILA is a complete project group which is involved from the beginning of a project to its completion. We handle all tasks within automation, project management, consultancy support and service within all industries.

During the 25 years of our existence, we have gathered a lot of experience while at the same time we have grown from being a 2-man company to having more than 120 committed employees in our head office in Nykøbing Mors and in our regional office in Århus. We have delivered more than 600 robots and more than 6,000 PALOMATs worldwide.

BILA A/S was founded by Per Bisgaard Sørensen and Jørn Larsen. Today, Jan Bisgaard Sørensen is CEO and majority shareholder.